Raised Flooring

Raised Flooring Types We Offer
  • ZHONGTIAN ZT60 OA Panel - SC800 (Bare, HPL or Vinyl Finish)
  • ZHONGTIAN Laminate Panel - SC668 (HPL Finish)
  • ZHONGTIAN Laminate Panel - SC1000 (HPL Finish)
  • ZHONGTIAN Panel with Air Flow 25%, 50%, and 75%

The KITCI way of Installing for Raised Flooring


We start with a site inspection, assessing difficulties, utilities, and staff facilities. We then submit the proposal and material specifications for approval. Post-approval, we plan the mobilization areas, including hauling, layout, and materials inspection.


Setting and Adjustment of Pedestals - Initially setting pedestals to the cross point of marked lines will help with the layout process. The pedestals will then be laid out and adjusted according to the level of the FFH.

Prior to installing the seismic bracing, we check if pedestals are bonded to the ground as per the adhesive manufacturer’s instruction which is crucial in the initial setting and layout phase.

Installing Seismic Bracing and Setting Stringers - We proceed with the bracing by ensuring the pedestals are assembled in one direction. This is then double-checked to see if pedestals are bolted on the slab to stay fixed on the floor. After proper alignment and setting, the stringers will then be positioned on pedestal heads. We fasten the pedestals only when alignment is set correctly.

Setting and Cutting of Raised Flooring Panels - In small groups, we place panels and pedestals to allow more effortless movement during necessary adjustments. As groups of panels are set, we apply pressure against the point to ensure proper pedestal location and maintain a tight-fitting floor. We proceed with the method until panels can be cut and placed against the wall.

After the Raised Flooring Installation, we will proceed with a proper clean-up, followed by an inspection with the Quality Assurance Officer and the Client. Should there be any punch list, our team will rectify the work. When the Client is satisfied with the rectification, a proper handover will be made to conclude the service.

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