About Us

Kent International Trading Co., Inc. (KITCI)

Our History

Decades of Quality Service

KENT INTERNATIONAL TRADING CO., INC. (KITCI) was established on March 10, 1976, by Mr. Edward Kawpeng in Quiapo, Manila. KITCI started by importing and selling pioneering engineering products such as industrial gaskets and industrial heat insulation. To provide more products that adhere to our core business activities, we subsequently added materials for raised flooring systems and passive fire protection systems.

In 2015, KITCI then ventured into providing services that complemented the world-class quality products it supplies. For our industrial sector activities, we introduced the supply and installation of the refractory materials, while simultaneously offering building fit-out services for our architectural sector.

Today, with more than 40 years of track record and experience, KITCI now also proudly offers custom-fit solutions for Infrastructure Protection, Insulation and Refractory System

Global Partners
Industrial Sites
Commercial Sites

Together with our professionally trained employees and staff, globally recognized supply partners, and high-quality, state-of-the-art construction materials and equipment, KITCI strives to provide the best of the best service to our clientele, while continuing the legacy of providing world-class quality products and craftsmanship you can trust.

Our Mission

We aim to provide value-added services to our clients by combining design, supply, and build expertise. We continue to earn our clients' valuable trust by bringing forth high-quality, efficient, sustainable, and innovative design and building solutions.

Our Vision

KITCI envisions itself becoming a market leader in it’s fields of expertise through the foundations of integrity and excellence by consistently providing world-class quality solutions, services, and products.

Our Values

Seamlessly Blending Construction and Design

KITCI offers a wide selection of Infrastructure Protection, Insulation and Refractory Systems Construction products and services. With highly trained personnel and globally recognized supply partners, we are able to transform your vision into a reality.

KITCl holds upright values that are represented in every phase of decision making, ensuring partners with our word.
We are made up of highly-skilled individuals that perform with excellence from start to finish.
Leave the troubleshooting to us. We will transcend every design hurdle together.
KITCI forges ahead with creative pursuits that are both servicable and streamlined through every phase of each project.
Our Guarantee

KITCI is a proud partner of global brands that provide the gold standard for construction and insulation materials. From refractory bricks and insulation foam, to fiber cement boards and more, each product that we carry passes rigorous quality assessments and are up-to-date with third-party certifications.

Our Workplace

Quality Service is Just Around the Corner

The KITCI office at 14 Brixton Street is located at the heart of Metro Manila, giving our prospective clients the opportunity for easy communication and collaboration. Want to contact us remotely? You can find us on our socials or message us through the following avenues :

Telephone Number: (+632) 727 - 3011 to 17
Email Address: hello@kitci.net