Castable Refractories

Product Lines Involved
  • ISOLITE Isowool Blanket
  • ISOLITE Isowool Board
  • ECORP Ecokast 60ARGM
  • ECORP Ecokast 120 HAR
  • ECORP Ecokast 15 ES
  • ECORP Ecokast V60AZ
  • ECORP Ecokast WEARESIST 120
  • ECORP Ecokast LC88
  • ECORP Ecokast LC17
  • ECORP Ecogun D63AZ
  • ECORP Ecolite LW12
  • ECORP Ecolite 085 HSLI

The KITCI way of Installing Castable Refractories


Before construction begins, we conduct an ocular inspection to assess the site's current state. This includes evaluating potential challenges that might affect the build. We check utilities such as tap water and electricity, making necessary adjustments for the temporary facilities for the staff.

We then submit an initial proposal and list of material specifications to the client for approval and contract signing. Once we receive approval, we plan the areas for mobilization, which include hauling, layout, and the inspection of materials for insulation and cladding.


Cleaning the area is our first priority to ensure no damage or clutter gets in the way. Welding stainless steel and Y anchors to the area’s surface are the next step, followed by individually hammering anchors to test durability. Formworks are then installed and are tied using stainless steel wires.

We continue with casting and finishing, which are highly dependent on the equipment provided. A few other factors are dependent on the manufacturers’ specifications. For less damage and to prevent further cracking, we also install construction joints.

We finish off with a dry out to remove mechanical water and prevent the Castable Refractory from cracking or spalling when boilers, ducts, furnaces, and other equipment are in operation. We conduct a hammer test to check for hollow spots and if any rectification has to be conducted. Final inspection by the quality assurance officer and the client takes place before turnover.

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