Rockwool Insulation

Products We Offer
  • ROCKWOOL Thermalrock™ Stone Wool Board (Bare, or with Black Tissue /Aluminum Foil Facing)
  • ROCKWOOL Cool N' Comfort™ Stone Wool Board (Bare, or with Black Tissue /Aluminum Foil Facing)
  • ROCKWOOL Thermalrock B™ Stone Wool Blanket (Bare, or with Black Tissue /Aluminum Foil Facing)
  • NICHIAS TOMBO™ MG Mighty Roll
  • NICHIAS TOMBO™ MG Wired Blanket

The KITCI way of Installing Rockwool Insulation

Inspection and Verification

This is a preliminary step to determine any electrical or mechanical embedment in alignment with turnover protocols. The verification and measurement of walls and ceilings are then conducted to estimate the number of insulation boards or blankets required.

This is a preliminary step to ensure that the client's Quality Assurance Officer properly turns over the area to be insulated. We check for any electrical or mechanical embedment that need to be covered and re-measure the actual surface area. This will account for the estimated number of insulation boards or blankets needed to be applied, hauling materials, labor, and other factors related to the building process.

Layout and Installation of Fasteners

We ensure the placing and phasing are supported by securely fastening mechanical pins on the wall and ceiling surfaces for Black Tissue and Aluminum Foil Finish. Metal Studs and Tracks are used as frames for Bare Type Rockwool Board insulation using a perforated sheet cover. Specified bonds and adhesives are then used to add an extra layer of protection during layout.

We draw out the spacing of the insulation board/blanket fasteners using leveling tools. For insulation works with a Black Tissue or Aluminum Foil finish, mechanical pins are securely fastened using specified bonds or adhesives. As for Bare Type Rockwool Board with Perforated sheet cover, metal studs and tracks will be installed using fastener guns. Once applied, our crew will double-check to ensure that there are no misalignments in the actual installation.

Rockwool Board Installation and Treatment of Terminations

Installation of Rockwool board insulation typically encloses the area using perforated sheets. We then proceed with the treatment of terminations using tape to cover the disheveled area of the Black or Aluminum Foil used. For Black Tissue Finished, mechanical washers will be painted with black paint to hide pin areas.

The installation of Black Tissue Finished and Aluminum Foil Finished Insulation typically proceeds with the treatment of terminations. We use tape and paint to clean up the desired look. As for the Bare type, our team encloses the area using perforated sheets.

Clean-Up, Site Inspection, Turnover

Proper clean-up and a follow-through inspection are then turned over to management and the client. A proper clean-up is conducted, followed by an inspection with the Quality Assurance Officer and the Client. Should there be any punch list, our team will rectify the work. Once the Client is satisfied with the rectification, a proper handover will be made to conclude the service.

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