Industrial Rockwool Insulation with Cladding

Products We Offer
  • ROCKWOOL Thermalrock B™ Stone Wool Blanket (Steel Mesh Facing)
  • FRP Cladding
  • Cementitious Cladding
  • Aluminum Cladding
  • Galvanized Iron Cladding

The KITCI way of Installing Industrial Rockwool Insulation


Before the build, we begin with an ocular inspection wherein we check the actual site status. This includes assessing the level of difficulty the site could pose on the build. We look into the connection of tap water and electricity, and make due adjustments for the temporary facility of the staff.

We proceed with submitting the initial proposal and material specifications to the client for approval and contract signing. Once approval has been granted, we begin planning which areas to proceed for mobilization including hauling, layout, and the inspection of materials for insulation and cladding.


The building process starts with removing the existing damage from prior insulation and cladding. We continue with cleaning the pipe surface, cutting the wired Rockwool base, and securing the wired Rockwool by stitching wired edges and mesh together using the GI tie wire.

We double-check for a consistent tight fit for long-term insulation and seamless heat transfer when compressed to the pipelines. Afterwards, we proceed with covering the Rockwool Insulation in a spiral motion using a plastic vapor barrier for a tight fit. Depending on the client’s requirements, we finish with cladding. Final inspection by the quality assurance officer and the client takes place before turnover.

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