Ceiling Works

Products We Offer
  • ROCKWOOL Bradfon™ Ceiling Panel
  • ROCKWOOL Thermalrock™ Stone Wool Board (Bare, or with Black Tissue /Aluminum Foil Facing)
  • ROCKWOOL Cool N' Comfort™ Stone Wool Board (Bare, or with Black Tissue /Aluminum Foil Facing)
  • Acoustic Ceiling Boards
  • Gypsum Boar

The KITCI way of Installing Ceiling Works Installation


The service process starts with a visual inspection of the site to assess potential challenges and utilities. Following this, an initial proposal and material specifications are submitted for client approval. Once approved, the team prepares for mobilization, which includes hauling, layout planning, and inspection of insulation and cladding materials.


The initial step is using leveling tools to lay out the groundwork as illustrated in the approved materials section detail of the construction drawings. We proceed with fastening wall angles using nails, self-tapping screws, and royal plugs. We then proceed with fabrication and installation of carrying channels to approved spacing and ceiling height. This is done to align each channel properly.

We continue with the Ceiling Works before inspection and a quality assurance check are done with the officer and client on-site. Turnover will be made to the client once rectification of the punch list is accomplished upon client satisfaction.

Material Types We Use

Acoustic Ceiling Boards

Ceiling works at KITCI showcases sustained Acoustic Ceiling Boards, which are highly light-reflective. It aids in providing natural light to bounce back with ease. We also offer metal ceiling installation, which is ideal for its durability and high resistance to cracking or breakage over time. They’re able to deliver top-grade acoustics and seamless heat conductivity.

Gypsum Board

Gypsum board is another type that KITCI holds for supply and installation, boasting versatile material with non-combustible core and paper facers that make them ideal for fire resistance. These are some of the most in-demand and flexible installation services we offer in commercial and institutional spaces due to their cost-reductive impact on utilities.

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