Partition Systems

Materials Involved
  • ROCKWOOL Thermalrock™ Stone Wool Board (Bare, or with Black Tissue /Aluminum Foil Facing)
  • Drywall
  • Gypsum Board
  • Acoustic Board

Different Partition Types


We provide and install fire-resistant drywall, popularly used in high-rise buildings. This cost-effective solution strengthens walls and minimizes fire damage, with easy repairability.

Gypsum Board

Moisture-resistant gypsum boards are a lightweight, easy-to-install partition system that offers fire protection, sound control, and smooth finishing. They are cost-efficient and ideal for various establishments.

Acoustic Board

Acoustic Board is another component we offer for supply and installation. It’s beneficial for commercial and institutional establishments that dampen ambient noise, hide heating and cooling ducts, and be an affordable choice in the design and architecture of buildings and spaces.

The KITCI way of Installing Partition Systems


The service begins with an ocular inspection of the site, assessing potential difficulties, and checking utilities. After submitting an initial proposal and material specifications for client approval, the planning phase begins, which includes determining areas for mobilization, hauling, and overall partitions and layout.


Our methodology highlights framing works where we ensure marked lines, levels, and openings are laid out correctly.

We proceed with installing the bottom rack then the top rack with the proper fastening of structural elements using the correct fasteners and bolts. Started studs and intermediated studs are then installed on the tracks and assessed for verticality.

After checking for necessary adjustments and the verticality of placements, we proceed with opening works. We proceed with insulation installation, which starts with treatment, insulation placement, and then joint treatment for proper enclosure of work areas.  Board installation takes place after securing adjustments and essential support for MEFPS.

Once the Partition Systems are up, we will proceed with a proper clean-up, followed by an inspection with the Quality Assurance Officer and the Client. Should there be any punch list, our team will rectify the work. When the Client is satisfied with the rectification, a proper handover will be made to conclude the service.

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