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ROCKWOOL Thermalrock™ Mineral Wool Rigid/Board insulation®

KITCI carries a variety of high-quality boards including Rockwool-Board from Rockwool and Glasswool. It’s another reliable option for thermal insulation and fire protection. Since its materials are inorganic in nature, Rockwool-Board is not susceptible to rotting. Best applied for roof insulation, partition and ceiling insulation, and pre-molded insulation, as well as acoustic insulation for theater and studio use.


  • Roofing Inuslation- GENSET / AHU Acoustic Insulation
  • Partition and ceiling Insulation
  • Underslab Insulation
  • Ducting Insulation
  • Premoulded Insulation
  • Other dryworks with Wool Insulation (Gypsum, Fiber Cement, Calcium Silicate)
  • Acoustic insulation for thaeters, studio, etc. (per drawings and specifications)


  • Inorganic, doesn't rot and contains no nutritious substance. It will not be attacked by microorganisms nor vermin
  • No CFCs HFCs, HCFCs or asbestos are used in the manufature of the product


600mm x 1200mm


varies from 25-100mm


1 or 2 side foil, 1 or 2 sides black velimat, 1 or 2 side wire mesh, perforated G.I. sheet, or simply bare

Nominal Density:

60 80 100 120 kg/m3

construction contractor
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