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PROMASEAL® Bulkhead sealer system

The bulkhead sealer system, from Promaseal, is another product KITCI carries and supplies. Its made from high-density mineral wool which does a great job in creating a seamless barrier against flame, smoke, and toxic gases. Tested in various services for up to two hours, it’s able to penetrate relevant fire-resisting elements.

This sealer system is suitable for mess reduction during the addition and installation of power cables in buildings. This is one of the most economical sealer systems that aid in consistent fire prevention and is versatile enough for wall and floor applications.


  • Power stations and large industrial complexes
  • Hospitals and Laboratories
  • Under computer flooring
  • Between tops of walls, floor slabs, roofs where services pass


  • Simplest and most economical product to use for fire protection


25 kg

construction contractor
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