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Rockwool Acoustic DD/DD plus

Made from basalt and other natural stones, this material undergoes an intensive pendulum system that comes out with one of a kind inhomogenous structure for optimal performance when it comes to acoustic insulation. Rockwall-Acoustic is specially customized for wall partitions and highlights good water repellency, high strength with easy construction that doesn’t fall short on-air permeability.


  • Wall partitions


  • Non combustible
  • Better sound insulation and absorption, especially effective for low frequency noise that come from elevators and pumps
  • Good water repellence
  • High strength; easy construction
  • Non-flammable, no toxic smoke or gas
  • Low shot content, thin fiber, less skin irritation, no asbestos contained
  • excellent air permeability, no corrosion on metal and bulding components
  • Good physical and chemical stability
  • No blowing agent and flame retardant need for production, widely recognized sustainability


600mm x 1200 mm


varies from 50-150 mm

Nominal Density:

≤ 100 kg/m3

construction contractor
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