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PROMASEAL® UniCollar®"

PROMASEAL® UniCollar® is a notable protection system that seals the gap between pipes and fire-rated walls or floor areas. It is supplied in a continuous strip from where it can be cut and snapped in segments of 15 mm. It’s then attached to the element using readily made clips that fit into the pre-punched slots of the strip.

 It’s best applied for uPVC, HDPE, PP pipes thanks to its design caters to many sizes, not to mention it's tested with several types of plastics; a flexible feature that works efficiently in the industrial landscape.


  • uPVC, HDPE, PP, anf other pipes that pass through fire rated walls and floors


  • Unique patented cut-to-length strip
  • Single-orders components: Strip brackets and fixings
  • Easy to use dispenser
  • One size fits all concept
  • Tested with many types of plastic
  • Strip moulded with intumescent
  • Lower stock inventory cost


2,250 mm (lengthwise), 150 segments

construction contractor
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