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Owens Corning® FOAMULAR®-METRIC XPS Insulation

Known for its assured thermal performance and superior moisture resistance, Owen Corning’s board boast material which have interconnecting walls with a consistent thickness that also has no voids. This contributes to high insulating values that also offer a long life-cycle and an environmentally friendly alternative.


  • Cold Storage
  • Protected Roof Membrane Assemblies
  • Metal building roofs (Direct to deck)
  • Exterior Wall insulations systems of buildings
  • Civil construction projects
  • Single Ply Roof


  • Assured Thermal Performance
  • Superior Moisture Resistance
  • High Compressive Strength
  • Good Flame Retardance
  • Environmental Friendly
  • Long life-cycle

600 mm or 1,200 mm x 2,400mm

Varies from 20 -100 mm 

Flat Type, Splicing Type, Rain Gutter Type, Mortice Type

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